The Origin of Dr. Willard’s Water

In 1964, a mineralogist, Dr. John W. Willard, accidentally burned his hand during an experiment, and the instinctive reaction made him immediately put his injured hand into a sink filled with “water.” His hand surprisingly showed fast healing power which made his research on the “water” began.

The only result that the research led to was the specialty of water and that the water was different from ordinary water. This water mystery was incomprehensible to people at the time, but since it does have an amazing effect, it was broadcasted on the show called CBSTV documentary program “60minutes” as “Inconceivable Water.”

After the show, this immediately attracted many people and even the US Special Committee on Aging held a special public hearing to discuss and published a test report of about 50,000 people which caused a great impact in the United States.

Afterward, the research discovered its excellent repairing power for the skin, which made Dr. Willard’s Water, a skincare brand that becomes widely known all over the world.

Who is Dr. Willard?

1942- HE obtained a Ph.D. in Science from Purdue University, Indiana State. He served at Purdue University and Virginia State Non-Commissioned Officer School and served as an Honorary Professor of Chemistry at South Dakota State University of Mining and Engineering.

In 1964, he started the research of “water” because of his hand burns during the study, and accidentally putting his hand into a nearby sink for cold water to relieve his pain. Through his research, he will discover the unique mineral composition and molecular structure that was shaping the mystery of this water.

In 1980, during the public hearing of the US House of Commons, Dr. Willard’s Water was examined and a test report of approximately 50,000 people were recorded. His water was also introduced by America’s CBS documentary program “60 minutes,” which created enormous attention from all over the States.

In 1987, Dr. Willard also started his research towards his water and the prevention of skin oxidation.



Dr. Willard History Timeline

  • 1964年:Dr.ウィラード・ウォーター発見
  • 1980年:“全米に衝撃を与えた14分間のレポート”
  • 1990年:株式会社トライパワーグループを設立
  • 1991年:ウィラード博士の技術指導の下、日本でスキンケアシリーズを発表。
  • 2010年:“Dr.ウィラード・ウォーター”デビュー20周年目を迎える。
  • 2012年:代官山ショールームがオープン
  • 2014年:会員数30万人を超える
  • 2015年:25周年を迎える。
  • 2020年:30周年目を迎える。