Luxurious Facial Soap Manufacturing Process









Dr. Willard’s Water– Luxurious Facial Soap Manufacturing Process


STEP1 Melting Oil and Alkali

STEP2 Molding

STEP3 Cutting Soap

STEP4 Drying Soap

STEP5 Polishing

STEP6 Shaping

STEP7   Quality Inspection and Packaging


Our skin has the ability to regenerate and restore naturally, but the only thing it cannot do is clean itself.

Each cleansing can improve the moisture and transparency of the skin, forming bright and clear skin that you can’t touch!!









It takes total of 70 days to make our Dr. Willard’s Soap.

We have been using this method of “Jukusei (long-term maturation) and molding method for since almost 23 years ago.


Melting Oil and Alkali








STEP1 Melting Oil and Alkali

With our exceptional and careful selection of plant derived ingredients, Squalane, Vitamin E, and Dr. Willard’s Water are being added at this process.

Many rich and luxurious ingredients are included within our facial soap’s formula.

The rich and luxurious ingredients is our secret behind our fine foam and comfort feeling texture.










STEP2   Molding

In order to achieve more dense and fine foam, we use a very fine filtering process that will be able to filter 50 microns.We then slowly pour the homogenized raw material liquid into the mold.









STEP3 Cutting Soap

This is the rod-shaped fresh soap taken out of the mold.
At this stage, the soap is still soft and fragile. We carefully cut into pieces and conduct our first quality confirmation.










Step 4 Drying Soap

We let the soap sit for 30 days. After the 10th day, we confirm the weight and hardness of each soap.
At this stage, we dry each soap and so that it will not affect its appearance.










Step 5 Polishing

We carefully polish the soap one by one with hand to remove the slight scratches on the surface.










Step 6 Shaping

We press the soap into a round shape that fits the palm of our hand.
We then print the trademark for the second quality inspection.











Step 7 Quality Inspection and Packaging

It is carefully polished and shaped by individual craftsmen. After the third final quality confirmation, we are finally ready for delivery!

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