Sensitive Skin ? Skin Allergy?












Sensitive Skin? Skin Allergy?


Taiwan is located in the subtropical zone, and the climate is humid and hot, which causes many skin problems.

If you take a look at the streets in Taiwan, you will notice that there are many dermatology clinics located and this shows the necessity and skin issues are troubling majority of Taiwanese people.


“Why does my face becomes so itchy as soon as it gets cold?”

“Why do I get redness and irritations when I get out of the sun?”

“I haven’t eaten anything that will cause allergy, but why is my face still itchy?”


These conversations can often be heard in the dermatology clinics!

Do you also have these problems?


We are here to help you with your sensitive skin problems and creating a better experience by offering our personal care and cosmetics line products.

We are proud to announce that we have been in the industry for more than 30 years coming from Japan and also uses patented raw materials from the US.


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