Repair/ Conditioning
Sensitive Skin


Spray Dr. Willard’s Water on the face/skin until slightly moist, then gently pat your skin with your hands to help with absorption.


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                         Rich in minerals, Gentle Hydrating and very refreshing.

                         Japanese exclusive technology combined with US patented raw material.

                         Repair and Care for your Skin Problems.

                         Tailored for Sensitive Skin!

                         Instant Hydration and Fragrance Free

Baby and Pregnancy women are safe to use .

Water, Sulfated Castor Oil, Sodium Silicate,
Calcium Chloride, Magnesium Sulfate.

In order to provide users with safe and high-quality products, we strictly control the hygiene during the manufacturing process.

Please note that no preservatives are added and regarding the below points;

  1. After opening, please be sure to seal the bottle cap tightly to prevent microbial.
  2. Please do not repack. We cannot guarantee the safety once repacked.
  3. We recommend to use it within 4 months after opening.

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