Instant Asborbtion
Sensitive Skin

Skin Gel

To Strengthen the moisturizing effect after spraying Dr. Willard’s Water, gently apply and massage your skin with DWW Gel. Applying more on the acne or rough areas on the skin will help to reduce irritations.


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Dr.Willard’s Skin Gel

Balancing moisture and oil on your skin


Unimaginable smoothness

Instant cooling feel on your skin

After spraying Dr. Willard’s Water’s toner, Skin Gel can further strengthen the moisturization effect.

Locks down the moisture on your skin and consists 82% of Dr. Willard’s Water.

No Fragrance added!

Baby and Pregnancy women are safe to use.

Water, Sulfated Castor Oil, Sodium silicate,
Calcium chloride, Magnesium Sulfate, Glycerin,
Butylene Glycol, Pentylene Glycol, Carbomer,
Argin, Potassium Hydroxide.

In order to provide users with safe and high-quality products, we strictly contro the hygiene during the manufacturing process.

Please note that no preservatives are added and regarding the below points;

  1. After opening, please be sure to seal the bottle cap tightly to prevent microbial.
  2. Please do not repack. We cannot guarantee the safety once repacked.
  3. We recommend to use it within 4 months after opening.